some girls collect bags/shoes,i collect apps

I find myself laughing at myself now. A workmate commented that it seems I signed up for too many apps. It’s probably can be traced to my being ‘suya2xon.’ If I see someone mentions, or just saw some ads flash on my computer screen about some apps, I always have the itch to go and sign up for it. I don’t want to be left behind! So over time, I’ve been signing up to different applications mindlessly. Some I forgot right after I signed up for it. Some are gone like (not sure if this was the correct spelling). Kinja before lets me save my favorite blogs/websites – so it’s like the primitive version of delicious/reddit and blog/google reader. Of course, it got killed when delicious/google reader became hit.

Some of my girl friends would tell me I’m so techy because I can seem to know this and that applications. But I am no techy. I just happen to know about its name. But ask me how to use it, I can only show you up to how to updates your profile settings. How to tweak it to its details is I’m lost already.

I can stay on the computer whole day, registering for websites/apps after websites/apps. And, it is not really that I use them. I’m more of like a sock puppet.

Right now, I am thinking of that one ‘slide presentation builder’ kind of application that I signed up for weeks ago. And, I no longer can remember it. It was a sweet app. All I can remember is that Jack Dorsey is one of their consultants. So anyone can remember it for me? I’m a mindless app collector!