One of the things machine cannot automate…

is learning. In this everything fast automated world we have now, learning is somehow still stuck in stone-age way. Though internet makes learning materials/resources more accessible, but going through and reading them still time. Looking at the books and ebooks piling up, there is just no way to read them like downloading a torrent (owkei.i’m confused is ‘torrent’ a method of downloading stuff or torrent is the format of files?). There is no way of saving them in a memory stick and just plug it to our brains (brain, knock2x. U there?).

Frustrating some times. But then that’s prolly what keeps us humans, it’s not who gets first to the finish line. It’s the journey, it’s about the relationships you build along the way of learning. (owkei.that was a popcorn way of ending this)
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