Develop your own applications for Multiply.

I was tweaking with my multiply settings — looking for something, when I noticed that it now offers:

Developer Settings

Develop your own applications for Multiply.

I’m not sure if it is what I understand about it (correct me if i’m wrong). But it is something like your apps in facebook — farmville and such. Or, letting other applications access multipy. It is something like, twitter being able to post to multiply. Right now it is only, multiply to twitter/facebook but not vice-versa. Owkei, whatever. =)

I hope multiply catches up though I’m fine with what it is right now. But twitter’s success can be because of their open API. Letting other parties create applications or other existing applications integrate to it. I’m just excited with this new Multiply thing. =)

But the thing I’m really looking forward to in Multiply is being able to customize the domain, i mean own domain like directed to here.