‘About’ page — not a hit

For a number of ‘pop’ blog sites I created, I notice that the ‘About’ page is rarely visited. It is something I cannot explain why because I am big fan of ‘About’ page. If I read an interesting post or not an interesting post, I always heed to the ‘About’ page before leaving a site. But somehow, it is not the case for most website viewers.

So sometimes I think, why go through the hassle of putting an ‘About’ page when only 1 or 5 in a month of viewers will only read that page?

So is being a non-hit page enough reason to not make an About page? Let us not forget about the 20/80 rule which goes something like that of all the users/subscribers of your application or website, 20% is the only most active, most interested, and are willing to pay for your product. I guess those very few people who landed on your About page is the 20% of your audience. As such, they do deserve an About page filled with relevant information as they are the most interested audience of yours. They do not deserve to left empty-handed.

So go create an About page with much passion, even if nobody will bother to read it.