About Face 3


This book has been sitting on my desk for a month already but I keep delaying reading it. Instead I hop from one usability book to design related book to find answers to my question — How to design a workflow of a complex software application which is google to be used by a certain group of people but can also be applicable to a broader group of people?

I kind of ran out of books, plus all the previous books I read always makes reference to About Face of Alan Cooper so finally I decided tocut the chase, and pore myself into this ‘textbook.’ And, boy do I want to bang my head! Not because the book is bad. But because it is too beautiful, I want tosold myself for nt directly picking it up. I kind of ‘wasted’ time on other books (but not really. Books are always a treasure.)

It is something I want to finish fast so I could learn fast. But at the same time, it is something I want to take it slow — to relish the moments, to read and re-read it until I miss nothing.

I just read Chapter 1 but I learned basic important matter of software designing and that is Goal-oriented Design. Aesthetics and task-centered are all cotton-candy techy terms. It does not relate to best products. It’s the Goal-Oriented Design.

I promise to post a summary of important thoughts for every chapter so expect it from my future posts here.