yaa, i miss that part

I’m looking for a link to a song, which led me to backtracking my multiply posts. (I never find it still)
Clicking pages after pages, I cannot believe I post too much (trash) stuff in here.
I usually do not have the habit of reading my past posts.
After I post a thought of mine, most of the time, I would never read it again because I would usually find myself ‘cringing’ reading at them.
I just could not believe I can be that OA or whatever, basta kiwaw.

I miss that part of me.
I do have scattered notes and thoughts here and there which I haven’t posted here, and some were already accidentally deleted by my kids.
I have not posted them right away because I am not sure if my sarcastic humor will appeal to whoever who will pass by my space.
I always promise myself to post them but not after I photoshopped it to make it appealing to everybody’s taste but I always end up choosing sleep over going online and tweak with my thoughts.

I always feel guilty whenever I pass by my multiply without a ‘beautiful’ thoughts posted in a long time. Thus, there are times, I just wanted to delete this account to get over that guilty feeling. But I have big attachment issues.

Another thing is that  my multiply is like representing my ‘family.’ So how long I’m gone from multiply is also how long my thoughts are away from my family. GUILTY much. =(