Tommy’s MEGASKETCHER with a Memory please


One of the toys, that my kids hoard over time, that I really like is Megasketcher. I like it in a level that I would highly recommend it to other parents. It’s a tad pricey for a toy which your kid will just doodle on, no remarkable feature from it except, pro’lly, for its durability. I think we have it for 3+ years, with 3 kids plus playmates using it, and it still survives — it’s quite a toy.

Of my 3 kids, it’s meg who uses it most to doodle, or pro’lly it is her one way of expressing her self. If I caught her doodles which interest me, I would usually take a pic of it. There are scattered megasketcher’s snapshots in picasa. So it kind of make me think if there is a megasketcher with built-in memory which saves my kids’ sketches and doodles. If none, dear tommy (maker of megasketcher), it is nice to have that eeny weeny feature. It does not have to be over-the-top high-tech level. On the other though, it is unnecesarry but it’s great to have it, still.
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