The Best School You can Give to a Child is Your Trust on them

It is the time of the year when parents are at frantic looking for school for their kids this june. I was in that stage. 

But I realized now that there is no reason to be frantic about that. It is easy to find ‘good’ schools. They are everywhere. The problem there is if you can afford them. And, if you can afford them, the next issue will if the ‘good’ school will accept my kids — this is the major bummer. I know because I went through that.
But looking at it now, those are petty issues. The real deal of education is that the bulk of ‘educating’ your child relies mostly on the parents, not on school. It is not about math, english, literature. It is about ‘life education,’ and not an easy subject to teach since there is no definite right and wrong answers for life. So the thing we should worry more about is if we are the ‘good school’ for our kids?
Now that we figured out the good school four our kids, and the best formula on how to ‘educate’ them about life, the hardest part is that we really have not much control with their ‘filter’ — on how they filter things that are consciously and unconsciously been input onto them. We do not have control on how they interpret happenings, on how they put lessons and things together. We cannot control on who they want to listen to, who they want to learn from.
I am not saying that getting the best school and us trying hard to be the best parents are irrelevant. I believe that more than anything else, parents should invest the faith on their kids, to trust their kids that they can make the best out of theirselves on their own, instead of entrusting the kids to school to make a better citizen out of them.
Something I got from the ‘Three Cups of Tea,’ an illiterate elder in the mountain of pakistan advised greg (person who will build schools) that ‘though they are not educated, but they are not stupid.’ However bad we say about our philippine education system, still we are better off compared to other countries. The sad thing only is that it looks like we are over-educated, but still a bit stupid. And, that does not exclude me.