Startups Take A Pitch — my pitch

I saw a few local tech people tweeting about Plug and Playtech’s event, Startups Take a Pitch. Then, I got an email from Globe Labs about it. You might wonder why I get an email from Globe Labs. It is because a few months ago, I tried to submit @tweetitow to Globe Labs, not for funding pr for pitching it to them but more of ‘protection.’ It was at that time when Sun and Smart first disallow us from subscribing to their unlimited text packages. To avoid the same thing to happen to @tweetitow’s Globe gateway, I thought it was best to try to get help from Globe or at least let them know about our service. I wanted to protect much @tweetitow’s Globe gateway because 80% of users are Globe subscribers.

So anyway, back to Plug and Playtech’s Startups Take a Pitch, I find it very exciting and interesting. I wanted to take part of it, not because I want to pitch in or get funded but because I want to see the local tech start-up scene, I want to get a feel of it, to witness the human dynamics in there (in short, chismis).The only start-up local scene I witnessed is my husband, which I’m not sure if that is how start-up should be.

On the other thought, my thoughts.

The deadline to submit your entry is extended to February 2, which is tomorrow.