But I do not approve it. Sorry, this is overreacting but it’s a bit irresponsible of Sharon to let Maggi use ‘Sharon-approved, Sharon-tested’ on their ‘MySabaw’ product.

I’m quite sensitive to any thing cancer-related stuff because of the recent C-scare we had.  And, we all know how artificial additives have been pointed to be one of the reasons of C-scare.

And, I know Sharon had a recent C-scare incident. A cyst was found in her breast, and she actually had her check-up made in SG (i forgot. basta somewhere in Asia) to avoid rumors. But thankfully, it was not malignant. She talked about it on an interview featured in StarStudio (if i remember it right).

Of course, it is ‘trabaho lang’ but still, a little concern for the end buyers will not hurt.