middle class = pretty-prettihan girls

This is the 2nd time I’ve been to calda pizza in consolacion. And, it seems I always chance upon pretty-pretty girls — the skinny teeners to tweeners, good-smelling looking like they popped out from teen mags or like they came out from the teenshows like lipgloss below. They always seem to have that template look — you know that look.

There is nothing wrong with it. It is just that i don’t get it why you must dress up when going to a neighborhood store. Though, their get-up is considered ‘pambahay’ for them.
I asked mark why young girls now are so made-up, like they meticulously pay attention to every detail of their look. Mark said it might be with the rising middle class. A lot of families now are ‘moneyed.’
Well, it might be. My family is no middle class, the environment I loiter, badian and UP, are not synonymous to middle class that’s why I never get to see them on a regular basis back when i was ‘young.’
It can be that I already belong to the older generation. It is probably the current ‘fashion trend.’ Well, I believe it is more of this.
It got me thinking if meg and her girlfriends will also be pretty-prettyhan when she gets older. She is ‘yagit,’ I can’t imagine her so made up — from the fashionable slippers to that well-maintained hair.
(meg and friends playing ‘balay2x. see their ‘hinayhay’?)
I’m really old.