Too lazy to make a proper post about this so i’ll post thr whole email. For a brief backgrounders, joiku is a mobile application that turns your phone into an instant wifi device. Meaning if you turn ont he GPRS of your mobile phone, other wifi devices within its reach can use the GPRS of your mobile phone.

Globe offered joiku but named it as globe tattle wifi which I think was not a hit. They offer it at Php300. I got it, and tried it, and i think it was a waste. I should have instead just stick with the free joiku version which is not much improvement from that of globe’s. But then it can also be due to my phone, it might not be that powerful.

Anyhoo, I’ve been planning to get the joiku premium, which they put on promo. But the idea escaped me until this…

I wanted to share this because I love the wifi tech, and this is something I’m keeping my tabs on.


This is an early bird information to Joiku-community of our upcoming launch of JoikuSpot Premium for Linux Platform. The new Linux Edition, available for Nokia MAEMO OS and N900 device, will officially launch at 3GSM Barcelona on coming Monday, but it is already soft-launched and made downloadable at our Joiku community site and FaceBook pages

Joikusoft will announce in the form of press announcement the next wave of mobile WiFi Tethering by extending JoikuSpot Mobile 3G HotSpotting to new Linux based Maemo devices from Nokia.

JoikuSpot is world???s most used and popular solution for on-demand mobile WiFi internet and mobile 3G HotSpotting. During 2009, more than 5 million mobile internet experiences were made via JoikuSpotting, and the overall JoikuSpot user base grew to over 500.000 actual JoikuSpotters. Altogether this resulted into more than 100 Million Megabytes of mobile data consumption across more than 200 countries and 750 operator networks worldwide. Average global JoikuSpot internet consumption grew from 8 Mb to 22 Mb per JoikuSpot internet session, which speaks to the improvement in 3G operator network qualities in 2009.

Purnima Kochikar, VP of Forum Nokia, states: ???Nokia has worked with Joikusoft many years to produce easy mobile internet for anyone via Nokia phones. JoikuSpot is now embedded in many Nokia devices enabling WiFi access to the Internet with the simple click of a button. The JoikuSpot experience created for the Nokia N900 surpasses anything seen before.???

Tom Ojala, CEO and Founder of Joikusoft, adds: ???Nokia Maemo platform allows the most speedy and easy internet connection via JoikuSpotting. Coupled with intuitive touch-user interface that Nokia N900 has, the user experience for mobile internet has now become ???1 click???. The Nokia N900 takes mobile internet to a totally new level. Nokia N900 owners can now simply go and make their N900 a wireless ???MiFi??? modem with a simple download!???

The new JoikuSpot Linux Edition contains enriched features such as Speed Measurement to allow users to accurately see their mobile internet connection speed. Users see exactly the mobile data speed they get with their mobile broadband subscription.

JoikuSpot is designed to be End-to-End and Operator friendly, and adds to the Operator 3G data ARPU. Solution allows Operator measurement of JoikuSpot user profile and data traffic volumes, and produces graphical real-time reports of actual mobile broadband usage from JoikuSpotting. In addition, roaming detection, IMSI range restrictions per operator definition, server originated user updates and full operator branding and feature customization may be applied. More than 30% of JoikuSpot users upgrade to flat rate mobile data with their operator after starting to use JoikuSpot for mobile Internet. Joikusoft has already rolled out 6 operator-branded solutions for mobile 3G WiFi Tethering, and comes pre-loaded in newer Nokia devices such as N97 and N97 Mini. The JoikuSpot experience is now extended to include Nokia Maemo devices.

The solution comes with full internet security and internet connection stabilizer in moving contexts. JoikuSpot saves users money by simply using their mobile phone as a 3G WiFi modem for internet access. In a way, JoikuSpot turns the user???s mobile phone into a wireless MiFi, USB dongle or a HotSpot.

JoikuSpot Linux Edition launches today as FREE Beta, available from JOIKU community website, and will soon be added to Nokia Ovi Store. Production release will follow shortly.

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Greetings from Joiku-Team