I weep for my children’s playmates

Might be I was PMS-ing yesterday but I got emotional when I learned
that my kids’ playmates will relocate to Manila.

Their father has been working abroad for years. Their mother decided
to follow him last month, leaving their 3 kids to their uncle (mother
side). I dunno if her reasons were still the same the last time I got
to chat with her, which according to her so they could finish paying
their house the sooner, and so that they could ome home and be
together again.

From the chismis of the ‘Ates,’ the kids’ father will be home this
April to bring the kids to his family in Manila. They will continue
their studies there. These kids are not only my kids’ playmates,
they’re also their schoolmates. They are not the perfect goodytwoshoe
kids but they’ve been good enough to accept my kids as they are. I
always consider playmates/friends of my kids as blessings. The little
people who accompany my kids grasshopper and any thing yucky hunting.
The kid who will read the instructions on wii for migi. Their bragging
mates. Their fight mates. Their rain mates. Their show off mates.
Their ‘gwatsi’ mates. The little people who are willing to share their
excitement whatever new stuff my kids have. It’s lonely having stuff
with nobody to show them off. So I cannot help but really get
emotional with the thought of not seeing them around.

It is such sad to know that both parents, mother & father, have to
leave their kids just to afford a decent home, a good enough life here
in Philippines. Our government has been so proud of the economic
benefits of the ofw remittances but at the expense of what!

Do we/our government ever consider how our kids feel every time they
have to be left behind for that economic benefits? We feel sad when we
have to witness friends going away, how much more these kids not
having their immediatest family around. I know they will survive to be
not so negative about it.

So please let us vote wisely. I hope the next generation of government
leaders can provide a solution to this unconscious/unintentional
emotional child battering.

Please I’m not blaming the parents here. I know how it is financially
consuming to raise a family. Sorry, I’m just pms-ing.