How I Consume Data via Mobile


Twitter is the one that makes me appreciate going mobile because blog can be too much to be consumed on a eeny weeny device. The 140-character is just perfect to be enjoyed from a mobile device.

I do read links shared by different people on my Twitter timeline. When I’m reading tweets from iPod or celphone, I will usually just ‘favorite’ interesting tweets with links/urls, then read them when I get to open a laptop or desktop. And, I ended just backreadig the links in my favorited tweets, and no real work is done. If you see my twitter profile my ‘favorite,’ it’s gone up to 2000+ already since I have to prioritize some real work over data consumption.

So anyway, until I got curious of the ‘read later’/’instapaper’ integration feature which almost all mobile Twitter clients have it. Gravity/twitbird/tweetie/echon have it. Instapaper is like delicious or reddit which lets you save urls/links. The twist with instapaper is that it downloads the text from that URL. Instapaper has an ipodyouch application which I downloaded. So I can read the articles when I’m commuting or when I’m in some lull bored moments.

Instapaper has a tumblr/Twitter integration so if I ind something interesting, I can easily share it back to the world with my ‘witty’ comments. Instapaper is probably the only reason I use tumblr.

I definitely recommend to try ‘instapaper’ to get most of Twitter. =)