Fancy Getting a Kindle

I’m waiting for my iPod to finish charging so I can get on with my reading. I’ve been using the Kindle application downloaded into it to read the books bought by Mark in his kindle (the real one). An amazon kindle account can be shared by 6 devices (i think.). So it is like I borrow books from Mark. It makes me think of getting a real kindle ‘gadget.’ Because ipod touch batt easily drains when being used straight, unlike the ‘real’ kindle which can go on for days without charging.

Though I prefer paper books over downloading ebooks into an ebook reader but I cannot deny the convenience of a kindle. You no longer have to wait for books not available here in Philippines yet, or have to pay for shipping fees if you want to order it online. And, it is not really that expensive, it is cheaper than PSP or a Nintendo DS or some smart phone.

The only advantage of kindle in ipod touch over the kindle gadget is that is its ‘light.’ I can read in the dark without the need of a lamp or some head light. =)

So am I going to get myself a kindle? =) I think no question about it. The question should be, can I afford it? Dratttt! =)