Elements/Features of Social Applications

I just finished reading the ‘Designing Social Interfaces.’ I’m a tad disappointed not because the book is not good but because I have different expectations from it. I was hoping to learn more about how the workflow on social applications is designed. But the book is more of a documentation of the different features/elements created as the social apps grow in quality and quantity.

Add to that, most apps used as sample are from yahoo for the reasons that the authors are from yahoo. The thing is it’s been years that I haven’t used yahoo apps, except for flickr because of tabongphotogtaphy.com . And, I’m no fan of flickr because I always find it such a clutter — I guess I’m just not the photo enthusiast kind of person.

But nevertheless, this is a good reference for those interested with building social applications, or any kind of applications. For the reason that application’s end users are humans who are basically social by nature. (that was corny)

For someone who is not new to social applications, the ideas in the book are no longer that of a surprise. I mean it will be nothing new for you.

I screenshot the table of contents of the books because, basically, the design patterns/elements/features of a social app discussed in the books are listed in the table of contents. By looking at it, you already have an idea what features you need to put in your social app.

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