wedding of the year

in the buenconsejo family.

Last Friday (01/15/2010), was Cindy and Pio’s wedding. Their love story is quite a story, which started in facebook a year ago and ended with a marriage last Friday. I’m not sure if I have the right to tell their story, so let me stop at that.

Pio is Mark’s cousin. While, Cindy was my classmate Grade 5-6, but I haven’t seen her for a long time because we went to different school came high school and college. Funny that the next time I got to see her was during her wedding to Pio last Friday.
Mark was the proxy best man. I think he took the role seriously, he even had dress rehearsals. Really, between Mark and I, Mark is the better dresser, the more fashionable.
The wedding day was on a Friday before Sinulog, so imagine the congested traffic.Not to mention it was raining that day. Anyhoo, rain means blessings.

I had to dress up the kids at the car, on the way to the church, to save time and avoid being late.
Meg who refused to be in a girly dress or any blouse with laces, though she loves barbie. Ironic. But that is Meg.
What were my kids doing during the ceremony. Meg burned her arms, Pia burned her dress. Migi lit all the candles.

I’m not really into weddings. I mean I don’t really get why some people are into this wedding coordinator thingy. I find it frivolous.

But attending/watching wedding never fails to touch my heart and soul. Weddings, small or grand, is simply beautiful — with all the warmth and love floating in the atmosphere, you will also feel elated.

Reception was at Chateu de Busay. It’s a beautiful place, if only it was not that raining, it was actually more of a typhoon. I didn’t take much pictures from there, I did not feel moving around with the rain and such. Plus, I think my camera is ailing.

I love their give-aways — mini plants. I think they’re orchids.

The bestman and the photographer, cousins of the groom. =)

Despite the rain, it was a beautiful wedding. =)

You can find more pictures here for those who care, which reminds me I haven’t update tabong’s website for a long time. Too many beautiful weddings and pre-nups, and a video to post.