thoughts from bridal shower and shower dance

I met some college friends before Christmas as a ‘reunion/bridal shower’ of a friend who was getting married right after Christmas. Since I got a big feeling I could never make it on the wedding day, thus I made a point to join the bridal shower instead.


Since it is a bridal shower, there must be some stripper. But since we do not know any stripper to contact, we instead go to some gay bar in Lapulapu City — Tarzan boy. Self-explanatory — the boys are in a modern Tarzan outfit. The boys are good looking and sexy, in fairness, but I cannot help but wonder if the size of their birdies equates to the size of what’s in between their ears. We were not allowed to take pictures of the boys so sorry no pictures I can post here.The highlight of the event was the shower dance — probably because one of our friends told their staff we were there for a bridal shower so they gave us a shower dance with matching lifeboy. It was an AHA moments for all of us. (Was it really AHA for me?)

How it is having kids?

After the gay bar, being surrounded with unmarried friends, they’d been asking me how’s being a parent, how’s the kids and so on and so forth. Funny because there I was, a mother, looking at strippers who is then asked about her kids and parenting and married life. Odd — thinking about it now.

Every time I meet some unmarried friends, it is already SOP to be asked ‘How it is to have kids?’ And, I always find it hard how to explain to people who do not have babies yet. That having babies is totally a different world. So I ended answering them that having babies is like having visitors stay in your house. Do you like having visitors around your house? I know the analogy is far-off because we can never think of babies as different from us. But still when babies come to our lives, it is somehow like having a stranger in your house/life — there will be adjustments, there might be habits of your visitor that you do not like but you have not might choice but to work around on them. Of course, it is easier with your babies because you are so inlove with them that you won’t notice that your life has already turned upside down — not in a bad way but life is just different and it is hard to explain that ‘different’ thing.


Having two friends from the ‘academic’ world, we talked about education. Really find it funny, from stripper to education. One is a high school teacher. And, she said the school she is now in is a good school but then it’s run like a business where parents are customers and have to be pleased. Thus, she is contemplating of joining an educational mission instead. Well, I’m jaded about ‘school’ after some past rants I made.

But then my other friend perked my interest about education. She used to teach in Thailand. She said she wanted to have a school followed after the International Baccalaureate system, which her school in Thailand is using. She said kids are really more creative and initiative who are schooled in that system. So she wanted to have it in Cebu also. And, I said that the case here is more than the education system, I guess culture also matters. Thailand’s culture can be also the reason why their kids are more entrepreneural, and it’s not really about the education system.

I’m now reading Three Cups of Tea as inspired by my friend’s mission of making a different kind of school. I wanted to be of help to her but I really have a zilch idea on how to go about it so I’m hoping i can get something from the book. It is a very humbling read.

I realized that it is never natural for me to become a ‘community helper’ because I never live that kind of life. So if I want my kids to be natural in ‘community building’ or any kind of life style, we somehow need to live or expose them to that kind of life.

So how it is to have kids, to be a parent? Hard.
How it is to be a Tarzan boy? Well, HARD. =)