the toy mogul(oid)

that is I.

I guess I really am serious with my being horsey2x agent. I am building now the online display page. I have a few inquiries, translate it to 1 or 2 of my friends. But I am not yet selling it because I only have 1 stock as of now. And, if I’m going to sell it now, I will have nothing by the time my ‘online display’ is officially open.

Selling horses is not really like my end-game. I want to know how to do business online. It is nothing new to us, but then, it’s different when you get down the details to it. Well, I was really hoping to do some ‘business’ of offering service to put up ‘online displays’ for other businesses, but the I realized I need to do the walk before I do the talk (naa ba sense?). So far, little things I learned from it:

1. Name of your ‘business’ — I was thinking of cheetoys because i like cheetos, but mark said cheetos might sue me for copyrights. So I think about Cebu toys — please spell boring.
2. Domain name — as much as possible, your business name matches your business name. This can be not easy because almost all popular domain names are taken or parked and for resell, which are expensive already. So I was thinking of: — boring — really love it but I do not like tongue-twister, too hard to remember.
So I ended up with woodenfun. It’s not yet up, or maybe after 48 hours.
3. CMS (content management system) — I’m not sure if CMS is the correct term for blogger, wordpress, yola, multiply, and whatever platforms. Well, personally, I really like wordpress because it is easy to create ‘pages’ in wordpress compared to blogger. Another thing about wordpress, which I like, is that somehow it easily gets a good rank in google. I dunno what’s the reason behind it. But then, I’m no good with tweaking CSS which is handy for wordpress or any CMS. So I ended up with — which I am not sure if it is a good decision. But anyhoo, I love their designs, and all this drag-and-drop of elements feature (though, i’m not so ifavorable with drag-drop technology).
4. Pricing — price of your product. I remember before about Tabong’s case. You know how we are into haggling and getting the lowest deal,  so it was hard to decide on what prices to display online. Of course, we do not like to price it so high that viewers will automatically close your website, or price it too low, you will end up not really liking giving your service.

This is a long story, but I read Don’t just roll the dice by neil davidson (free pdf). It is about how to price your software. Of course horsey2x and software are quite miles apart, but the logic behind pricing is the same. Anyhoo, for noobs like me, it’s a good read. There’s a chapter there about ‘psychology of pricing.’ Thing I should work on is how should I develop a positive ‘perceived value’ of my product. More of my preaching about this in another post.

5. Content — web content. I’m really not that articulate so I stick with being true to myself. Bottom line is horsey2x is really an unnecessary thing to buy, ‘educational value of toys is BS,’ and all that money-saving tagline is BS. So the tone on that website is something like that.

Even the look of it is reflective of me — it’s messy and unfabulous. But anyhoo, do not judge the book by its cover, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

6. I still have a lot of things to learn:
* shipping
* ways to collect payment (paypal,xoom, kwarta padala, gcash, and all those remit systems)
* how to build toys. is there some school where they teach toy making? Reading online resources, there is still a lot for me to learn on creating toys. (TESDA alert for me)

7. Something I learn from @tweetitow which I also read somewhere (sorry for not referencing you) — however you love your product or concept or idea, it does not mean other people also share your sentiments. In short, not all people will like it, not even your friends. That’s why make something that you like so at least you always have 1 customer for your product.

More than the money I will earn (from a few friends who will take pity on my horsey2x), I wish to learn a lot from it, which hopefully can make me into another kind of mogul, if ever toy mogul decided not to push thru for me.

My 1st cutomer, and of course definitely not the last.