Telcos Being KillJoy During the Holidays

I’ve been meaning to rant about the unlimited texting service being unavailable during Holidays. Coincindence or not, but from December 26 to January 3, 2010, I was not able to subscribe to Globe and Smart’s unlimited text services. And, I got comments on my site about TM and TNT’s unlimited text services not available too. Though, Globe made their 1-day unlitxt subscription available. I cannot help but feel they did it on purpose.

Well, I can understand that they wanted to avoid system congestion with people ‘abusing’ their unlimited text subscription. But on the other thought, users already anticipated traffic congestion to happen during Holidays. Delayed SMS is something we already expect to happen during Holidays, and is so forgive-able.

Reading yugatech’s Telcos lost Millions to Facebook this Christmas article, I cannot help but make faces at the telcos. Unfortunately, people are wired to look for free. And so probably without unlimited texting during Holidays, people seek relief from facebook/twitter and other online networking sites.

For telcos and the rest, it is owkei to be greedy except on Christmas and Holidays!