i’m high maintenance

Ang bodywash ko ay Elizabeth arden (thanks to my manita. This is my ever first taste of ‘toiletries’ displayed only in Rustans)
Ang lotion ko ay bvulgari (thanks sa giveaway sa hotels na pasalubong from states)
At naglipstick ako ng Maybelline (sale ng watsons.on the other thought,maybelline is synonymous to avon so scratch that.)

So this is what ‘expensive’ (sorry.ignorante lang) stuff feels like, they make me feel to glam up myself. When i tried the elizabeth arden body wash, it made me feel to look for that tiny hotel giveaway bvulgari lotion to go with my imfarted body wash. After putting on bvulgari lotion, it made me feel to reach out for some lipstick to complete the ‘sophisticated’ look and feel. =) For a moment, I feel beautiful – in a ‘natural’ way not because I believe that all things are bright and wonderful because God created them. =)

In the end, reality is still the same (i don’t look an inch close to those sophisticated looking model in vogue or what) but at least i get the ‘feeling’ part. =) and, also I get to smell like the cosmetics area of Rustan’s – expensiveeee.
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