i will be toy mogul

But before that, marami pa akong kakainin na bugas.

I really want to learn how ‘business/selling’ works online, that is why I decided to go into selling toys. Originally, I want to put some service that offers to provide online contents for some websites (from about us, contact us, to FAQ, and whatnots), but then I do not have a portfolio to show off aside from my short stint of being an ‘SEO’ writer. And, I always felt it’s totally different when you really have a hands-on experience on what happens behind the camera. How can I provide advise to my ‘clients’ if I don’t really have a down-to-details idea on how this online business works?

I thought putting up some online display/store is easy as signing up for some online website, then post your pictures. Well, in reality, it is just like that.