hpv vaccines and such (gsk or msd)

Last night, I had a quick exchange of message with a friend about hpv (anti-cervical cancer) vaccine. With what happen recently, I got interested with the hpv shots. I was thinking of having my nanay and myself vaccinated with it. Before, I did not really bother much about it because I do not really see the need for me to have it.

So earlier, when we went to the OB for the follow-up check-up, I asked her about hpv vaccines and the possibility of my nanay having it. I guess youprobably are quite knowledgeable about it, but anyhoo, I’m sharing what I learned today:

* HPV vaccine can be implemented up tob 55 years old. Since my nanay is already 65, she can no longer have it.
* As my friend informed me that only 2 pharmaceutical companies carry HPV vaccine — GSK and MSD. I think Pia Magalona (wife of Francis M) and maxene magalona are the GSK hpv vaccine endorsers.
* GSK is cheaper at P2,500 while MSD is at P4,500 — my OB’s rate (I guess some OB’s offer at lower prices).
* Now, which between the 2 is better — GSK or MSD?
      — Of course, we always thought that the more expensive the more effective. But according to my OB, it depends on what is your main goal.
      — GSK is more of purely aimed at cervical cancer, while MSD is for cervical cancer and genital warts. So if you want a more potent or more effective at battling cervical cancer, you should go for GSK. Since MSD fights for 2 different diseases, its effect on cervical cancer is not as potent as GSK.

Since my nanay is no longer qualify to have it, I ask her about me getting it. She said if I trust my husband to be faithful to me, it is not really a necessary for me to have it. Cervical cancer is caused by a virus. Unlike other types of cancer, cervical cancer will just not pop up in your body. You can only have it if someone pass it on you, which is by sex. So I don’t know if it’s marketing or what but sometimes I do not get it why people are in a frenzy of getting the hpv shot.

So I asked the OB why the fuss over hpv shot? And, she said that we cannot deny that the generation now are sexually active. Generation now started early engaging in sex and is more promiscuous. By the way, my OB is 60+ already (it’s just funny hearing as old as her talk about that). Right now, most of STD cases they get are from young people, as young as 13 to 16 years old. That’s why the hpv vaccine is getting popular nowadays.

So I’m not yet sure if I’m getting it. It’s just weird being injected with cancer virus (I mean it is a virus right to fight the virus?).

For a mother like me who has a daughter, it is scary to think about it.