Children Bearing or Breast Cancer?

I’m currently reading ‘What the Dog Saw’ by Malcolm Gladwell — I think it is a collection of his articles in The New Yorker. I just finish the chapter, What the Inventor of the Birth Control Pill Didn’t Know About Women’s Health. And, it kinda gives me creeps.

The Roman Catholic advocates only natural method of contraception, and one of the methods is ‘rhythm.’ I guess we all know how rhythm works right — having sex only during ‘safe period.’ The original function of Pill, created by John Rock, was to pro-long the ‘safe period’ of women. By putting women always in safe period means she no longer has to menstruate while on pills. But then for the Catholics, removing the ‘menstruation’ makes the pill unnatural. Since John Rock was a devoted Catholic, the pill was made into 28-day cycle to provide time for the ‘monthly menstruation.’

But then later research shows that the reason why breast cancer was rare back in the stone age, back in the olden days was because women had fewer numbers of menstruation — for the reason that they got pregnant more and breastfeed more. Menstruation stops when you’re pregnant, and breastfeeding is believed to delay the ‘coming’ back of your period. When girls menstruate, cells are divided/mutated — women being subjected to this constant ‘breaking up of cells’ for years can be the possible cause of breast cancer.

Following is a quote lifted from the book by Malcolm Pike, a medical statistician:

“But the modern way of living represents an extraordinary change in female biology. Women are going out and becoming lawyers, doctors, presidents of countries. They need to understand that what we are trying to do isn’t abnormal. It’s just as normal as when someone hundreds of years ago had menarche at seventeen and had five babies and had three hundred fewer menstrual cycle that most women have today. The world is not the world it was. And some of the risks that go with the benefits of a woman getting educated and not getting pregnant all the time are breast cancer and ovarian cancer, and we need to deal with.”

Wow. How crazy things can be for women! Bearing more babies like a cave woman or breast cancer?

Just after I declared in my previous post about finding the meaning of my life, it looks like the consequence for it is having breast cancer. (God forbid!) And, I’m ligated already — after 3 c-sections, No more pregnancies for me. It looks like my only resurrection is ‘menopausal.’ Double God Forbid!

Really, I’m scary.