why tweeting is better than texting?

There are certain human dynamics in @tweetitow users that I observed over time. One of them is that users would usually register by flock. I’m not sure how it goes on the users end. But from my point of view, there’s usually 1 person who’ll try registering. And, if that user has a good experience, a few minutes after that, you will usually see 2 or more users registering at the same time. Anyway, this is not the point of this post.

There are few users of @tweetitow who are fans of a certain radio station, rx (correct me if i’m wrong, we do not have that in cebu). And, I kind of think why will they tweet their greeting or requests instead of texting them? It puzzled me.

Then, just now, I kind of think that tweeting is better than texting because you will no longer be anonymous/faceless. When texting, only your number will appear, and the recipient have not much way to check about you to at leat give a face to the sender. With tweeter, they can easily go to your twitter profile page or even the twitter name itself can say something about the sender. So I guess, with tweeting, it gets a bit more personal than appearing as anonymous on someone’s celphone inbox.

Of course, tweeting does not apply to all things.