unearthed wedding pictures

mark john did some clean up, sorting out the ‘artifacts’ we have saved thru time — for saving and throwing away. he was able to dig the ‘digital’ file of our wedding pictures. we never have a print-out copies of them so every time someone gets to visit our house, we have nothing to offer them, which in turn weirded them out. are we the only people who do not have print-outs of our wedding pictures?

ours was a typical pinoy wedding with 20+ pairs of sponsors (exxage but close to that number), and all relatives should have a role in the wedding — from ring bearer to torch bearer.

relatives from mark’s side only

we were laughing reviewing the pictures. we looked like we did not know what we get ourselves in the pictures — ‘abi barato ang bugas.’ if i were to change history, i should have done this like when i am 32, not when i am 23.

sealed with a kiss. this is no turning back.

some of the ‘decent’ pictures uploaded in mark john’s posterous.