the smuggling business

I came across one of the multiply accounts here in multiply about ‘balikbayan box generation.’ I find few multiply sellers who have this business model where they sort of gather orders first then order them online one time so that it will be cheaper because the shipping will be in one-go. I believe they call it ‘pre-orders.’

We had done this before with the ‘,’ selling digital cameras. If you still remember me selling some digital cameras back then. What we actually did was order electronic gadgets, mostly digital cameras from amazon store and had it shipped via Johnny Air cargo. The prices of digital cameras in Amazon are almost 50% or beyond less compared to the local market prices.

At that time, digital cameras priced at 20T plus here in Cebu malls were just like 8-10T in Amazon. Then, shipping via Johnny Air was around $7/pound at that time. The shipping timeframe was around 1 week or less during lean season, and more during holidays. If I remember it right, one digital camera will cost us around P1t in shipping fee. Even with the shipping fees, there is still a big difference in prices between here and US price. We usually marked up the price from 2T-3T, and our price is still way lower than the local market. Well, in short it was like ‘smuggling.’

I kind of remember this when I bought the jackets from bloomingbubbles. I had a quick chat with May regarding her apparel business. It is just nice people I know in multiply going on to that direction, business/entrepreneurship kind of thing.

Well, the ‘baligyamoko’ was a fun experience. After selling to all our ‘friends,’ Mark ended up ordering all items for his self so that was the end of the story of that ‘entreprenureal(sp?) experiment.’

For those who have the talent for gadgets or any thing and selling, it will be a nice try. What we did before was collect some 2 or 3 orders, then order it online which will arrive in a week. If some one backed out from  buying, then it’s not really a lost because you can always find someone to buy it.

*Edit to Add regarding Johnny Air. It is pretty much convenient to ship via johnny Air because they have an outlet in SM. Also, they can be trusted unlike the Philippine Postal Mail where we experienced some of the shirts shipped through them were lost. As in, it’s so sad to think some people sell their souls to the devil over some P300 shirts. Can you imagine wearing some stolen shirt in front of your kids?

How Johnny Air works: They have an office in NY, and I think another one in California (I’m not sure, please check their website,, though.). So for your goods ordered from a US online store, simply use their US address as your shipping address. With Amazon’s free shipping for a certain amount, you can have the shipping within US for ‘free.’

I got a text from them they have a promo right now which is P900 plus for 2 pounds. I think a camera is around 2 lbs.