The Overratedness of Blackberry

The special feature of blackberry, which I think you cannot find in other mobile phone OS, is its PUSH technology. The push technology will push/forward new emails to your phone. The very convenient thing here is that you no longer need to constantly check your email client or webmail to know if you have new emails.

So globe and smart are offering these unlimited plan for blackberries for the reason that for the push technology to work it constantly needs mobile internet connection.

So without mobile internet connection, blackberry’s push feature is useless which makes it nothing more special than my blackberry-wannabe phone, nokia e63. Though, you can argue that its software might be more superior than other mobile software but then really who gives a sh*t when the tech world is ruled by Moore’s law (no logic here.i just want to say it that way).

That’s why I feel it is overrated because first you will pay big for the blackberry phone plus you will pay for the unlimited data plan for you to experience the true essence of blackberry – the push feature. I mean I just can turn on my mobile internet for 15mins(php5) to check my email any time and at my convenient time; or find a wifi hotspot. Of course, unless your business depends on email, blackberry is for you.

But still I will not refuse if someone will gift me with a blackberry. =)