I bought socks yesterday for the 3. Migi and meg’s socks are already ‘luag.’

Migi – when he saw i bought socks with superman stitched on them, he said he does not like superman. Oh, i never knew that. Since when did he no longer likes superman? He said he wants ‘white socks.’ boring?
Anyhoo, i also bought plain white socks for him that says ‘seamless’ socks. I don’t really get what they mean w/ Seamless. But i think it refers to the ‘bugol’ at the tip of the socks.

Meg – has the flowery sole socks and barbie-printed socks. Self-explanatory.

Mati – has the kangaroo and crocodile design. Babies are cute like that.

Kind of made me think, how many pairs of socks i have bought these past years? Colorful socks. Colored stripe(d) socks. Cartoon-characters printed socks. Socks with Flowery designs. Socks with Moons and cats and dogs designs. Socks with strawberries and apples design.

Feeling a bit nostalgic. It’s just As they’re now ‘growing up,’ the less say i can have on their choices of socks. And so on with other stuffs later.

So before ‘mati’ can complain, he will have crocodiles and rabbits and strawberries and puppies design for his socks.
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