SMS/text blogging via @tweetitow

I am just sooo happy to share with you that I and if you like, can post a blog via SMS/text via @tweetitow. YOu can find more information here

Unfortunately, multiply is not included. Multiply is quite close and conservative, they have not open up their API for other developers. for now, @tweetitow is connecting to posterous, which multiply is not included in their list to which they can autopost. But can autopost to multiply though. So once approves @tweetitow to connect to their application, I can finally post to multiply via SMS. blahblahblah.

Anyhoo, I am more excited about this than the twitter update via SMS because I had been thinking for a long time how to get my thoughts straight to multiply even when I am away from the computer. You know how I LOVE my thoughts big time they need to be recorded for the future generation to know the ‘anne frank diary’ of 20th century. Owkei, it is more of that I am an ’emotional *writer*’ — in short I can only write when I am in the mood, that lousy. So it’s good that I can plaster right away my thoughts online while i am in the mood.

Of course there is the mobile web whatever, but then what if I am in a jeepney ride, SMS is more reliable than the mobile web and cheaperrr, and less hassle — no need to turn on the gprs and wait for it to connect.

Yaa, I know it’s not really going to save lives. But I am just soo happy, I wanted to share it with you. I hope you can try it, and will like it too! =)

I am this excited, I can eat all these sacks of rice!

Next will be the MMS-capability for @tweetitow which will be done by Karen for her SP/thesis. And, toying on the idea of being able to receive a text alert for new emails — the crude equivalent of blackberry’s push-email notification . =) This is like going back to the roots, to the basics, SMS rules! =)