Privacy on Internet? Tell that to Ampatuan

I read in superbalita earlier about Gina Alajar planning to sue ‘The Buzz’ for reading her facebook status message during the show. I guess this was about the ‘if i were jinkee, i will not give up manny to krista blahblahblah.’ According to her, she has no one from ‘the buzz’ in her contacts thus what the buzz somehow crossed her privacy.

Of course, her privacy was invaded. But if you do not want that to happen in the 1st place, then you should have not post it on your facebook. Or, you should have never join facebook in the first place. Like duh! Things that happen in the privacy of hotel rooms even leaked out, how much more in facebook!

On the other news, facebook will do some changes on privacy settings. Like duh duh duh.

This also goes to those who keeps asking if @tweetitow is secure. but then they end up signing up for those websites that spam their accounts and also the people who follow them.

If you want your privacy to be never ever invaded, avoid internet at all cost! Even how secure a system can be, someone can always have a way to get into it. This comes from a tech dodo who worked previously with some applications dealing with personal information, bank information, sss information.

Do not disturb. I’m entering some very private information.