Pimping @tweetitow

Excited to start my ‘365 doodles’ project, I’m itching to start ‘doodling’ already. Knowing myself, I’m the queen of ‘hingas cogon’ – someone who is only good at start.

In the light of some ‘major’ downtime with tweetitow, I just want to share some common sense 'marketing' - you can use it at whatever legal purpose you can think of. Following are some things I got from the book 'Groundswell' marketing (forgot the authors but you can google it). If ever there was 'marketing' done in @tweetitow, it was sort of grounded/based on the following. For a product to be a 'hit' (owkei.tweetitow is far from being a hit, and I don’t think it will ever get to that level but it is something close to me I can use as an example) you have to have the 3 factors:

  • Accessibility — it can also refer to your product being ’user friendly.
  • Reliability/consistency
  • Education/Information sharing

All of the above are, I guess, self-explanatory. I guess we all pretty know these 3 factors. That’s why I think it’s common sense marketing. But then it’s a wonder that there are still businesses who do not get these – they testify to the saying that ‘common sense is not common.’ Well, we can say because they might have put profit as the main game.

In relation to @tweetitow, I know we try the hardest to make it very easy to use – easily accessible. Though, I know the website is pretty ugly, which brings me to the second factor – reliability. The main aim is to make the application ‘reliably working and functional with the least amount of moolah used’ over pretty looks. Though, it seems to be not the case right now. But given the cheap resources it run on, it kind of exceeded our expectation (emphasis on OUR. this is more of tooting my own horn but let me be for now).

‘Education/sharing information’ is something I have not fully grasp. I guess ‘education’ is something about empowering the people/consumers. But with @tweetitow, I was/am really hoping to get people interested on ‘creating’ something, and not to be a mere ‘recipient’ of creations of other people. It does not necessarily have to be something mind-blowing but little things that you and others can learn from. So I really wish @tweetitow does not only fulfill your twitter habits, but somehow sparks your interest to create or be part of a team that creates. This might be unrelated but the word is SMS (will have another post for this).

I am no fan of ‘marketing,’ I actually think of it as BS. If you also find ‘marketing’ silly like me, the 3 factors cited above, I believe, can help you doing less kiss-arsing marketing your product/business. Or, having the 3 factors in your product will make your marketing easier – of course, I still believe marketing is an important part of doing business.

That’s my know-it-all thought before the year ends.