per-pulse call rate as the tipping point

I do not have the technical know-how to ‘dispute’ globe and smart’s ‘technical problem’ as reason why they cannot implement right away the per-pulse rate as their default charging system.

But instead of trying to cash/earn/milk more or fatten their profits by dragging the implementation of per-pulse rate as the default call metering, why do not they use it to lure users to convert to their network? Try to be the 1st network to implement it, then advertise it to lure users from the other mobile companies to switch to using your services. Also, it can make your existing user more loyal to your service since it would leave an impression that you really care for your customers. It does not only add new subscribers and sales, but also add a lot to your pogi points.

C’mon, what’s a little lose over a bigger win in the long run.