pedia/ab to z shots/mcdo/

Last Friday, I brought 3 kids to the pedia. Migi/Meg for a check up and to check what shots we missed. And, Mati because he’s been missing his visits and shots already — something about being the baby #3.

As we were about to leave the house, Migi was narrating to everybody that we will slide in Mcdo, eat chicken and rice after the pedia visit. Going to a pedia is synonymous to slide and toy in McDonalds for my kids.

Migi and meg share the same weight — 20kg. Though nothing to be worried in Migi’s case because it’s 20kg is the normal weight for 6-year old. With meg, I hope she’d stay there until she’s 6 years old.

Mati had his DPT sthing shot. Yaa, I still suck at knowing the right name of the immunization shots. The pedia brought up an alternative or different kind of shot similar to prevnar (prevnar is that 4500/shot to be given 3 times. it’s for preventing a type of pneuomonia and meningitis) but cheaper at 3t only, though it is still to be given 3 times. Its name is something like fymfloriex.

I don’t think I’ll be getting it for Mati because Migi and Meg did not have it, and they can no longer have it now because they’re over 2 years old. To be fair to everybody. =) The prevnar was just newly introduced during the time I just gave birth to Meg so I have 2 kids at that time. I definitely cannot afford 4500 x 2 kids x 3 shots. 

So anyway, for those who like to get the prevnar shot, you can try to check for fymfloriex if you want a more ‘affordable’ shot.

at mcdo:

Mati is now part of the ‘kiat’
migi at the back. mati obediently posed for me.
meg’s cariÑo brutal
well-trained by the older sibs