No-Sleeping Beauty

1230am – mati is still actively up. And, i have to be a supportive mother so i have to be up also.
Later 530am – migi will be up. And, i have to be a supportive mother so i have to wake up at 530am also.

I’m no longer complaining (i’m not lying. But i’m this close to eating up human.). for the past 5 years, night time sleep is like waking up from time to time to make some milk for child #1,wake up again for child #2’s milk, and then again for child #3. Then, ohhh,what’s this something wet, fark, someone got a leaked diaper, wake up again for that. Then, oh,someone puked. Then oh, someone just want to throw fits because he/she wanted some carrying and rocking and dancing to get back to sleep. then oh, child x wakes up looking for the toy he/she brought to bed with him/her, then bawls out because toy cannot be found which in turn wakes up the whole nursery. And, oh don’t forget child xx needs to poop. Did i miss out on sthing? And, recently the child xxx who cannot get enough of ice age 3 has to stay up this late to watch it, and most probably will wake up around 3am to watch it again.

and, to whoever invented ‘baby getting sick,’ be sure you do not bear any children or else i don’t know what sleep karma you’ll get!

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