I am in pain

Physically. Literally. My impacted tooth is haunting me again. This
time it chooses the holiday season. I’m controlling much myself from
downing pain killers. I’d been taking pain relievers since Friday. I
feel being under it for almost a week is no longer healthy.

Getting cesarian section is better than this. I have been thinking
over and over about the world’s worse poblems to make feel better.
That tooth ache is nothing compared to the pain experienced by
ampatuan victims. But then Not even the thought of starvation in
Africa can ease the pain.

Really, it is owkei to have this hassle if only I have no kids. The
pain easily gets me irritated. With 3 kids shouting, messing around —
the tiger in me gets annoyed easily. So yaa, I hate being sick because
my patience for my kids naughtiness is non-existent. I easily get mad
at them. =(

I am counting the minutes to have the pain killers so I will be in a
happy mode later at the christmas party in mark’s office with the 3
kids. Not to mention of crossing the traffic later to get to the office.

On the up side of it, the pain kills the joy of eating. Hopefully, it
will at least make me lose half-a-pound in exchange of all the pains
I’m having now.

Eeekkk, I’m being pathetic. Get well soon to liyah’s papa.