bonus date

Last Wednesday, I asked Mark that we should eat out just to break the monotony of life. Either it is a sign of age status or (depleting) financial status or both that we no longer go out (go out for us is out around the mall then eat. much for ‘going out’). I don’t know but I just felt too old for it already.

Anyhoo, we ended up in SIAM, some thai resto, because he had not been there. Something I do not like about ‘specialty/international cuisine’ restaurants with menu is that both of us mostly do not know what are those listed in the menus. So we’d usually end up ordering the one with a bestseller sign or something recommended by the waiter which is always a hit and miss. That’s why I always love carenderia style kind of restaurant where I could see all the food lined-up in display, then all I need to do is point and point (turo-turo) what I like. No need to guess what this tongue-twister name in the menu is all about.
Then, off to Fullybooked after the Siam. The default pit stop after ‘eating out.’

I like Fullybooked for their not-here not-there books:

Escape from Cubicle Nation of Pamela Slim. It’s just I only get to see her advertise her books on twitter or on her blog. And, then I saw it here in a local bookstore just kind of ‘cute.’
Postsecret book. I’m not really a big fan of but I browse it from time to time. So it has a book na diay.Twitter book.
Young Bucks: how to raise a future millionaire. Definitely will not buy this book. I want children who can change the world positively. Though, it will not be bad having kids sending me money.
The Hufftington Post.
That was our annual date, in time of Christmas bonus. =)