the start-up marriage

when we got married, mark brought with him his ‘start-up’ thinking while i was expecting for something perfect-for-magazine kind of family life (you know those parenting/family magazine where everything looks neat and clean, and not a dirt spot on the mothers.really, i wanted to fire the editors of those parenting magazine or lifestyle shows.the culprit of stepford wives)

like in anything we do, like a new job, we always put our best foot forward
but with all the adjustments that you need to make, sometimes we get disappointed that somehow the best foot is not enough or we fail to meet up with what we expected of ourselves
and, you know how can we be more cruel to ourselves

from what i’ve been through, there are a lot of things you need to juggle in marriage,

this, best foot forward, is the same thing with marriage, or newly married (or maybe it was just me)
being uyab for 5 years before getting married, i thought nothing would really much change
i thought there was no need for adjustment period for the reason that we’ve known each other for like 5 years
but then marriage, which i just realized now, is a different thing
for one thing, i or we got into an unplanned marriage
there was no plans, or ideas of what to expect
so to act out my wife role, i had to randomly pick out from my stocked mental images of what a married couple should be
but then aside from the ‘acting as a wife/husband’ part, there are a lot of expectations, perceived or not, that somehow you need to meet
1. Your idea of what marriage is.
2. Society’s idea of what marriage is
3. The husband’s own idea
4. Your friends’ idea