SyndeoLabs’ Listomatic — Homegrown Twitter Application

I’m excited to find a lazy-friendly 3rd-party application for building your twitter list — Listomatic. You can find a more detailed post in my tweetmoments blog about Listomatic.

But what makes it more exciting for me is that it is a homegrown application. It is created by a Philippine tech start-up SyndeoLabs. Their team is composed of young tech whiz:

Luis Buenaventura — co-founder

Hunter Nield — co-founder

Mae Paulino — developer

Raymond Chua-Sing — developer

Kristina Lim — software developer

Evan Sagge — software developer

Jason Torres — scientist

Tim Medina — developer

Kindred Pasana — graphic/web designer

Michael Galero — developer


Aside from Listomatic, you can check their other applications and projects in their laboratory. I hope to get more details from them regarding local software industry which they are a major player of.