my wedding looklet

I attended a friend’s wedding last saturday. she was like the 1st friend from my highschool barkada who got married next to me. thus, though i do not really like going out on a Saturday but this is like a rare occasion among my highschool friends.

since this is like the 1st wedding, rare occasion, i promised to make an effort to at least look the part of a good wedding ‘attendee.’ i said to myself no denims. since all my ‘maternity dresses’ were already given away, i need some new dress.

so straight i went to the maternity dress corner in SM because it’s the only place i know i everything fits to me the 1st try. i hate going back and forth the dressing room. well, i hate everything about buying a dress. it is a part of my brain that is not developed, or might not even exist.

so anyway, this is the look i want to achieve. i got this from looklet. if you are into dressing up, you might enjoy that site — online dressing up. is this already a ‘good wedding attendee’ look?
mark said i look like someone from ‘tumilhao’ (a mountain barangay in ‘lacion) nga nakalugson sa ‘lacion sa pista with the outfit above. so i ended up like this, still in a denim.

i have to make the image of me very very very small because it is too painful to me to look at. to my friends who were concerned about my outfit, do not worry much. it is just a fashion suicide. not a real biological suicide. =)

may pag-asa pa ako with the help of honey and apple cider. =)