lull moment

i find myself the itch to cover books right now
this always happen when i’m in ‘adjustment’ period
as i’d said in my previous post, i gave up my mini writing raket just when i established my weekly routine
it was a little thing removed from my daily routine but still it does not fail to throw me back at a point of what’s-next/what-should-i-do-now
as i again and again rant about, i was programmed to follow somebody else’s order
so when things come to the point that i need to decide something for myself on my own, i’m always thrown back gazing at the wide open space
should i be a stay-at-home full time?
or, what was the ‘dream’ i was talking about last time?
or, the post about marriage/parenting which is always postponed?
moments like this, i just want to stare at the wide open space and let the world pass by

to get a grip on something, i just want to whatever :

Starbucks: Mark and I, or more of Mark had given up spending on unnecessary stuffs this year when we have to face debts after debts (not all unnecessary debts) except for Starbucks.

I was a Gloria Jeans fan but when I read Howard Schultz’s book, ‘Pour Your Heart Into It,’ i became a starbucks convert, spefically AS Fortuna, Bakilid, Mandaue Branch =)
they make the best cafe mocha
I had also read Howard Behar’s book, ‘It’s Not About the Coffee‘ — quite an emotional book coming from an emotional person
Schultz and Behar are the H of H2O in starbucks (Howard, Howard, Oswald)

So what’s my point? STORY sells. For a person like me, I’m a sucker for good stories. I don’t think I really go to starbucks for their coffee. I go there because of the story and passion behind their business.

So what’s your story?
Halloween: No scary or fairy costumes for my kids. I just bought some animal masks, and made sure to get those ‘trick and treat’ bag/plastic containers for the best part of trick and treat — the goodies.

Lesson of the story: Are you for the trick or treat?Harley Davidson: This was last friday in IT Park. I have no wish to have a harley but it’s my first time to see it up close and personal so I thought of putting it here. I was already home when I thought about Ducati. I was so amazed to see harley after harley, I forgot about looking for a Ducati.

Lesson of the story: Can you really ride a big bike in this outfit?

Spider: One time, migi caught a spider (you know how migi has a thing for any thing six-legged and gross). he was talking about spiders have web while he does not have because he is not a spider. he then explained to me how spiders make their web: it’s made up of clay then spiders colored them with white crayons and then spit them out. why not? he explained to me it in bisaya but i can no longer recall the exact way he explained it to me.

Lesson of the story: Nobody has the right to kill my kids or any kids’ imagination. Can you feel my wrath?

Mark’s pimped car: The gifts Mark got from migi and meg, a pimped car.

Lesson of the story: when you have kids, it’s just like that. let go of your OC-ness.
Pancakes: and coffee on Sundays as usual.

Lesson of the story: None. I, Rose the mother, will always find way to post my babies cute picture.

enough of my kids.

Google’s Page Rank: is ‘page rank’ the term for how you rate in google’s search results, right? anyhoo, in this post i declared i will put first on google’s search result. =) and, it is now first on the list. but only if you search for ‘cebu pre-nuptial photographer’ or ‘cebu post-nuptial photographer.’ No luck on ‘cebu photographer’, but we’ll see. also, i think search result is also location dependent.

Lesson of the story: If you rank 1 on search result, it does not necessarily mean $ales. =) it’s just for the fun that somehow you trick google’s search system. =)
Unlitxt/free text: the easiest way to get traffic (local) for your blog or website, write anything about free text/unlimited text. with my tweetmoments (gaahh corny blog title), not a day pass by that i do not get ‘search keywords’ related to unlimited/free texting.

Lesson of the story: certainly, Philippines is the text capital. if you do not want your blog/website to be lonely dedicate a post about free text/unlimited text/giveaway text.

My thoughts
: i just found out lately, that if there is something i really love about myself — it is my thoughts. i’m so inlove with my thoughts. i put them everywhere — twitter, all kind of CMS, and my multiply. even if nobody cares, i’m not going to stop myself from unconditionally loving them, praising them. they are just soooo pretty and beautiful for me whichever way i look at it!!!

if some people flaunt their cleavage, legs, bags, or whatnots, i flaunt my thoughts.

Lesson of the story: I realized that it is easier for me to become a ‘jessica livingston’ than to be a gretchen baretto. unfortunately, i just do not have the brains for the kind of gretchen bareto. (see my thoughts can be like that, just lovely!)