just a little push

and, i will apply for some article ‘writer’ for CDN
i’ve been thinking for some time already to get some ‘formal training’ in writing
because i want to know how to use these — : ; ( )
the closest formal training i had was SEO writing — which forced me to really watch out for my word usage, sentence structure, and paragraph-ing
i’ve been thinking of going to school for it but it’s a lot of hassle — clearance, TOR, and all plus the tuition
so might as well apply for ‘writer’ work, and all i need is a resume and application letter =)

i go for CDN because sun-star is garcia’s
and, i’m a tomas osmeÑa fan because of his sarcastic humour
CDN is kinda osmeÑa-ish
the freeman is like still in Colon
while CDN is across SM

this is part of my ‘jessica livingston’ fandom
so i will be applying as ‘tech’ writer
i will write about cebu’s tech scene stories — the first feature will be about me
tech writer sounds like user’s manual writer

so why should they accept me?
* because they need some juiceness, and i am juicy
* because i will be a very good ‘tech’ writer — i can write more than the latest celphone or the latest gadget
* because ng khai and janet toral are getting old — i think cebuanos deserve more than microsoft news and janet toral’s ‘blogging is the future’ thing
* for they do no have a tech writer yet (i think. i really bought CDN the past few days to check this)
* because for twitter sake, they only have 55 followers and the 55th is me

before the month ends =)
if i will not get accepted, it will be a ‘fun’ experience anyhoo
but positive thoughts