in my christmas wishlist (cupcakes/baby stuff/balbacua)

First stop, Kusina Habana’s Christmas Cheers. Kusina Habana is by Therese Habana.

Since this is the 5th year of my multiply account, let me tell a story. Therese was like the first contact I added here in Multiply. We’re both pregnant at that time. It was her 1st time, it was my 2nd time. Actually, it was more of I just gave birth then I got pregnant again at that time. After bumping to her in multiply, and in her other places in world wide web, she now has Kusina Habana, which is 2 years old already if I’m not mistaken.

I’m awed when looking back 2-3 years ago how she just chatted online about building her business empire in between parenting/motherhood blabbers, and now her Kusina Habana is growing.

Second Stop, Blooming Bubbles by Abigail Lim (future LLB) and her friends. Abigail and I were classmates in some of Psych subjects back in college. I’m surprised she is now having her baby/toddler clothing and stuff business.

Owkei, I do not have the right to say something about dress/clothes/fashion even on baby/toddler’s fashion. But I like their collection. I’m eying 3 items now. They’re cheaper, I believe, compared to the department stores. Just perfect because Migi’s been whining that he gets sick at school because it’s too cold and he does not have a jacket.

Migi surely will love this. It’s priced at Php 450 compared it to the mall price of around P600 up.

I like to get this for Meg.
I cannot decide yet what to get for Mati.

Third Stop, I want to get some real deal ‘cowboy’ kind of eating. I’m a big carenderia fan over ‘fine dining.’ It’s been a long time I haven’t been to any ‘carenderia’ because I’m mostly in my cave — anti-social mode. I want to try the NL Cafe somewhere in Apas near Campo. Then, S&A Food Hauz for some shawarma which I believe is right beside Leona’s Cafe in Mabolo.

For other food/restaurant reviews, you can check Hungit Cebu by another friend of mine, Jason.

Wow, I’m so friendly. Christmas na.