he is not that hard to love?

i always pass this San Miguel billboard on the way to cebu city

a reminder me of the krista/manny/jinky issue
and it also reminds me of the days when manny pacquiao just started with boxing
i still remember him and jinky joining in games of MTB (now wowowee)
those games that require falling down, getting wet, you know slapstick comedy kind of games
that time it was that boxer from bacolod who was still ‘sikat’
and, manny was still like a wannabe
and manny and jinky did not have stylist yet — yes, another word for not goodlooking
they had this blond/brown highlights in their hair

i’m trying to find pics of manny during his early days
if krista/ara met him in this looks, would they bother to give him a 2nd look

it is not hard to get attracted to this face man noh?
usher is datchu?
ara/krista look-alike?