friendship according to meg…

friendship is having someone to listen to your endless chat that may not really matter to her… under the big blue sky…

I was reading a book, when meg was talking and talking in a ‘yungit’ manner that I cannot get what she was talking about
I randomly heard about ‘elephant, monkey, and other animals..’ from her
Since I can no longer concentrate with my reading because of her endless
‘yungit’ talking, I went and checked what it was all about
And, this is what I found. they arranged the chairs in such a way that they can chill outside
I secretly took a picture of her and stef so as not to bother their ‘chika’ session

a friend is someone who endures your eccentricities…

i know these two are ‘away-bati’ =)
but since they’re the only girls in the neighborhood who are of the same age
they kind of stick with one another