free tech sucker

i’m reading ‘coders at work
i’m done reading brad ftizpatrick part in the book– the creator of livejournal
so i thought of checking livejournal to see his work
i attempted to create a livejournal account — to see if it’s prettier than multiply hehe
the default username i would always use is ‘owrange’
livejournal said it’s already used
i know then than it must be mine
so after entering different common passwords, i got in
it made me realize how i was such a sucker for any thing new and free on the net before

before, the first cool thing you can do with internet is create an email account
and, i most probably have created an email account from a lot of different providers — yahoo, hotmail, kittymail, kerrokerropimail,, rocketmail, pinoymail — name it, i know i signed up for it
then came those online social networking sites, and even dating/matchmaking sites — been there done that — from pinoyster to hotornot to i no longer can recall all of them
then CMS — i still remember i used that txtblogger which thankfully is not existing now because i had put up my corniest blog there
then those online project collaboration sites or online ‘organizer’ to those baby ticker/birthday/milestone reminder — from remember the milk to basecamp to 40boxes/40places whatever 40
then those content sharing sites — digg to reddit ro delicious to stumbleupon to technorati
then, right now these microblogging thing — twitter, plurk,, foursquare atbp
then came along those twitter applications — which i most probably signed up to most of them
and even online directories — i have some account in them
whatever ‘hype or new’ online that i will hear about, mostly you will find an ‘owrange’ account in there
i even got a google wave invite which surprised me because i never remember signing up or asking for an invite (but maybe i did)

i’m just amazed with myself because it happens to me a lot of times, when i fancy to create an account for some online sites/web app, and then system would tell me ‘owrange’ already existed
and, i cannot remember signing up for it
but i know that ‘owrange’ must be me
and after entering the usual password combo, i proved that it’s really mine. =)
i own it back. =)

i’m that shallow for anything free and hype/