Do you call yourself a programmer? Join G2iX University

It would take around 10 years for someone to master a skill/talent according to the book, ‘First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently.’ As such, graduating from a computer-related degree in college does not make you a ‘master’ in programming unless you started coding when you were still 10 years old. Also, to be a great programmer, you must learn the hacker’s culture which you will not mostly get from an academic set-up.

In the book ‘Coders at Work’ by Peter Seibel, having ‘side projects‘ related to programming is one of the main factor great programmers look at to determine if a candidate is a ‘great’ programmer. Side projects like a side job, or just any thing you build out of fun or just for the heck of it. This is their way to check how passionate with programming one person is. For example, Livejournal was just built out of fun by Brad Fitzpatrick, and the features that come with it were just made to make fun of his college buddies using his application.

We cannot deny that ‘computer science’ here in Philippines is still young. Majority of the college graduates here in Philippines of computer-related degrees are not that ‘ripe’ for the real world hacking. To help out young programming enthusiasts, G2iX University is created by Global Gateway Innovation Exchange (G2iX), a homegrown tech company founded by Winston Damarillo. The G2iX University gives you a chance to master your programming skill, to learn the hacker’s culture, and get involved with fun hacking projects.

G2iX University just started accepting applicants for their Exist Code Camp 2010, which is a 6-week training program for graduates of computer-related degrees. To get a feel of what you will be getting from the program, following is lifted from their FAQ page:

The curriculum is comprised of lectures, hands-on exercises, research works, and a project, broken down into 3 parts:

1) Fundamentals of Web Application Development

    * Linux Operating System
    * Object Oriented Programming and Java programming
    * Software development methodologies and best practices
    * Software development tooling

2) Open Source Frameworks

3) Project (1 week)

    * Actual software project development
    * Presentation of working application

Some of us/you wants to dive in to a paying job for financial reasons. But note that the experience and the knowledge you will get from the G2iX University’s training program is for a long-term benefit which you might not get in a work place. Also, G2iX University provides you with an allowance during the training period.

I believe you are now itching to get into the program. The Exist Code Camp 2010 will start coding on July 5, 2010 in Cebu, April 5, 2010 in Manila. For the complete schedule, please click here. You can apply online via G2iX University website, click here. They started accepting applicants yesterday, Novermber 23, 2009.

I believe G2iX deserves an applause for this great service.