dear @georgiaosmena

It is so nice to see your presence online. You must be inspired by Obama’s triumph via the power of internet or grassroot marketing or whatever you call it.

It is so nice to see you on twitter. Thank you for the follow, by the way. I’m more impressed you have a dotcom, But the when I click on your website, it is empty.

You know, it is nice to see you and some political figures and aspirants going online. Internet, as they say, is a powerful tool. But then if it is not your thing, if it is not natural for you, you do not really need to do it. You know as the old penshoppe ‘tag line’ went, ‘Be True.’

Or, at least get someone who can get it right — like ‘me.’ But I am a Tomas OsmeÑa fan, and I heard you are not that in ‘good’ terms.

Just tips on Twitter,
* it does not look so good that you follow more people than people who follow you. It makes you look like a spammer or spambot. Yes, there’s is that snobbery in twitter.
* Add to that, you place an empty website url. It makes you look even more look like a spammer.
* It is nice to see you Retweet local news. But you know, I and others have seen those news already. This is your chance to give us a peek of how witty you are. Give us something new and juiceness. Give us reason to follow you back.
* You know, it is not being a snob but it will be great to see some local ‘personalities’ in your follow list.
* Also, you do not need to follow every damn person with a Philippine address. At least check when was the last time that person update his/her twitter. It is pretty useless following people who do not really use twitter. Okwie?

Sorry for this miss-know-it-all/harsh/self-rightoues/arrogant post. I just cannot get why some politicians create twitter accounts, which they do not bother to update anyway. I mean, please just stick with the ‘PR’ strategy you are most comfortable. Spare yourselves from looking like you do not know what you get yourselves into.