* got an early call from meg and migi’s teacher asking for their UN costume and their flaglet. and, i was like ‘uh-oh.’
* migi was already at school — picked up early by the carpool. while meg was still at home. supposed to be meg should be in school together with migi
* so did a quick survey at migi and meg’s cabinet. pull a hawaiian outfit for migi and meg. meg did not like the hawaiian skirt and all, thus switch to a filipiniana outfit instead
* so we rush meg to school with just biscuits for breakfast together with migi’s hawaiian costume

when i arrived at school, i’d seen some kids all made-up with their mothers. and, here i was still carrying migi’s costume. waaahhh. i am soooo lame mother!!!

anyhoo, i was not made to enter the classroom, and had to turnover meg and the stuffs to the school guard.

i hope migi’s confidence/self-esteem is not damage because of my lameness.

in his own world with his pink psp