Dear Mother, I am confused

Dear Rose, since when are you not confused? Problem with you is that you never have let go of your teenage angst. It is now transformed to mother/parenting angst.

Dear Mother: I may be confused but I’m no nearing to singin avril lavigne songs. or to be more updated, miley cyrus songs.

Dear Rose: silence.

Dear Mother: Are you not going to ask me what’s my current concern?

Dear Rose: Why should i? I know that you’re going to rant about it even if I do not ask you. Begin ratatat. (cover ears)

Dear Mother: I am soooo going to to kill whoever coined that saying ‘Mother knows best!’

I mean great doctors took years to become great doctors. They go to school like half of their life to be good doctor, and took numerous exams to be the best in their field.

Mothers… No make it parents never ever go to school or have experience with parenting before they become parents. They’re more of doing internships when they become parents Once they are done with internship, and have enough experience, their kids are already big enough they do not need parenting. My point is mother probably knows best when she no longer have someone to mother on.

Dear Rose: Woow. That’s quite a cruel baseless accusation. Why are you so crossed ha?

Dear Mother: Because parents are cruel. And, they are quick to judge other parents.

Dear Rose: You are one mean rabid bitch. Do not ever ever say that. You have no basis.

Dear Mother: Yes, I do. I am guilty of doing it.

When you see a kid misbhehaving, we thought what kind of parents these kids have. Which in turn make other parents over paranoid with their own kids. Ever see a parent always reprimanding their kids when in public? You think they are really concerned in correcting their kids behavior? Partly, yes. But really they’re scared of being judge because that’s what they also do to other parents.

Parents are simply ridiculously conscious people who drive their kids nuts to become little miss and mr. perfect. Perfect mother – perfect father – perfect house – perfect school – perfect job – perfect life!

And, please get over the thought that kids are angels. they are not! They are little mean monsters, only they are cute. But just because they are your flesh and blood, they do not make them any better than other kids. They might be more annoying than the irritating kid next door.

Dear Rose: Hey, stoppp. After you accused of parents being bad, now you’re directing your negativity to the kids. This conversation is trash. Better end it. You have no point. You are just one frustrated mother dragging other people down with your misery.

Dear Mother: Yes, you could have a point in there. I’m probably frustrated with myself of why cannot i just close my eyes, and do not bother with my random crazy thoughts.

But I’m a tad frustrated of how some, we, parents can be unrealistic at times. Of why we set unrealistic expectations to ourselves and to our kids. Mother knows best. But there is nothing wrong if mother does not know the best too.

Kids are angel. It’s true. But if they do not act like one, then do not fret because you never have met a real one yet. Your ideal angel is just a figment of humans’ imagination. Do not judge and punish your child based on what you and others’ think is right,

Dear Rose: Can we sing now along with miley cyrus?

Dear Mother: No, sorry. I’m a Justin Bieber fan. And, I think Disney should turn over her now to MTV or Gossip Girl (sorry, i’m outdated with TV shows).